Pastor’s Corner
September 2014


Pastor’s Pondering…
I was reading an article today that really caused me to think. It was written by Chuck Lawless and is entitled: “Expectant Churches vs. Reactive Churches.”
As we continue to implement the Ministry Action Plan (formerly called ‘prescriptions’, of the Fruitful Congregation Journey that we have undertaken; I found the points extremely applicable to our journey. What do you think?

REACTIVE churches…

  •   -Have no recognized vision
  •   -Are led by “fireman” leaders (putting fires out)
  •   -Try seemingly every program available (as a fix)
  •   -Prioritize dollars to the point of immobility (because of financial stress)
  •   -Seek simply to keep what they currently have
  •   -Pray primarily in response to needs
  •   -Generally lab behind in using technology
  •   -Have no master site plan
  •   -Are easily divided
  •   -Would be surprised by growth

EXPECTANT churches….

  •   -Have a clear sense of vision
  •   -Are led by “igniter” leaders
  •   -Plan strategically in using programs
  •   -Train members to give sacrificially
  •   -Are never comfortable with the status quo
  •   -Pray not only in response to needs, but also in preparation for the future
  •   -Lead the way in using technology
  •   -Have a master site plan
  •   -Do not allow potential division to fester
  •   -Anticipate growth

What is your reaction?
Pastor Dave